The plan…



is that there is no real plan. There’s a group called the Adventure Cycling Association who’ve mapped out what they think are the very best, beautiful and friendly roads to use when crossing the US by bike. As you can see from the map above it’s not a really straight shot. Their trail – The Transamerica bike trail – adds about 1000 miles to the trip making it a total of about 4200 (or 6000 kilometers). The reviews I’ve read from people who’ve done it have all been great so I feel it’d probably be a mistake to try to map out my own route and wing it completely.

I arrive on the east coast on the 12 of June and my return flight from San Francisco on the 23rd of August. Those two dates, the limitation of my budget and the strength of my legs and psyche are what set the confines of this summer adventure.

The 6000 kilometers I have to cover divided by the 60 days or so I have on my bike gives me about 100 k’s a day to ride. Every. Fucking. Day. For two months. That’s pretty intense. 

As I want this to be a fun adventure and not a super stressful one I’ve decided to not be a purist about this whole thing. If I’m having a good time in a particular town and feel like staying there I probably will. If that means taking a bus the last 400 miles then so be it.

Over and out for now.


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