You find some funny stuff…

reading touring cycling forums online (yes I know I’m a nerd.) Found this tip tonight.

About 2-3 weeks before your trip, begin drinking three big glasses of Metamucil or some other fiber supplement every day. I believe one can take pills now if drinking that stuff is not your, well, cup of tea. Continue this through your tour.


Well, let’s just put it this way: It will make your #2 potty breaks much less of a chore because your stools will be firm, shiny, uniform size and shape (I can’t believe I’m writing this), and a breeze to pass. Most of all, you will find there is very little “clean-up” work afterward. If you’ve camped a lot like I have, and if your diet on the tour involves a lot of powerbars as mine does, then this can be a real morale booster as you hover, sweating, swatting flies, over some stinking vault toilet in the middle of nowhere.

Great. I need to get some of that stuff!!

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