No shoulder cycling+jazz=:)

Had a nice short ride today, though interrupted way too often by cars everywhere and the american infrastructure just not being made for bikes. Or people on folt for that matter.

As long as you’re out on country roads it’s fine. There are rarely good shoulders but if the road isn’t heavily trafficed you’re all good. When you get into areas of shopping malls and bigger roads though… Oh my god. You get pissed of is what happens. Pissed off at how incredibly unfriendly some parts of this country are to anything other than metal boxes with wheels. It feels like you’re an alien. Not natural at all.

Anyways, after my ride dad and I went to a fantastic jazz concert at a church in washington. This lifted my spirit instantly. Simply amazing vibe at this place. Will tell you more about it tomorrow. Jazz, good people and cycling. That’s what it’s all about.

Good night!

2 thoughts on “No shoulder cycling+jazz=:)

  1. As a chinese thinker of ancient times once wrote to the Emperor: ”When you’re biking through the desolate land of life, a jazz concert can make even the wise man boogie.”

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