Actually, there is one more picture I’d like to share with you. It needs some background though so bear with me here. There’s a furniture-store called Routzahn’s (or something like that) in this little town my dad lives in (Frederick, M.D.). Apparently Routzahn’s has been changing owners CONSTANTLY for the last like three years – at least that’s what it says outside the store. “UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP – EVERYTHING HAS TO GO” The sign reads. (Why would the new owner have to sell off the old owner’s shit, I wonder?) The sign has been there for years and years, so either they’re constantly changing owners and everything always has to go, or they just figured they’d leave the sign up as a marketing strategy. But recently, they’ve tossed a new player into the game. The LIQUIDATOR. He’s apparently TAKING CONTROL of the store. They’re relaying this information to the public by posting a dude with a sign on the highway outside the store. All day every day he stands there working on his tan in his denim jeans short and white perfectly white socks. Very efficient marketing strategy is what it is. Instead of sticking the sign into the ground they have a guy holding it upright. It’s not exactly clear how THE LIQUIDATOR is affecting the situation or what the dynamic is between him and the new owner. But he is TAKING CONTROL – that is clear.

Smalltown America cracks me up. BYE!

2 thoughts on “THE LIQUIDATOR

  1. Lauren and I have been discussing this on a regular basis that how does a business go out of business every year, and you can nearly wreck your car when you see those loosers standing out on the street corners all day long in 100 degree heat wearing those signs and twirling them around, really what the f… is that????

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