A cousin outing

Oh I almost forgot to give you a recap of the training ride with my cousin (the one featured in the video below).

I’d promised to take her on a real death ride that I’d done a few days earlier. We started off at my dad’s house,  made our way up Braddock mountain to a beautiful little road called Ridge Road which, as the name suggests, goes along the top of this mountain ridge. This road then drops you off at alternate route 40 (which goes all the way to California). Alternate 40 has some of the most rolling hills you’re ever going to see – and long ones.

To cut a long story short, the ride is 60 km loop from Frederick to Boonsboro to Roehrersville to Burkittsville to Middle Town and back to frederick. On this particular day the temperature was rising quickly and the humidity was CRAZY. We struggled to get up the many steep uphills and then came zooming back down them. In Burkittsville, where they shot the Blair Witch Project, Lauren started getting horrible cramps in her legs and so we decided to call it a day there. This was 20 km from home though, so we hitch-hiked with a pick-up trucker (who drove very very fast and was not stoked to have us onboard) to Middletown and then got my pop to drive us from there back to Frederick.

The route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/105248827

All in all a great day!



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