A speck of dust within a speck of dust

Pop and I went to see an IMAX 3D movie today. It was about the Hubble space telescope. The film was very beautiful – but when you see images of the approximately 100 billion galaxies they think are out there or a close up shot of a star being born out of a cloud of dust, gas and rock – it really puts your own little problems into perspective. Gee I wonder if I should bring peanut butter clif bars or maybe I should opt for a few chocolate ones. Should I use a rear rack for 150 dollars on my bike or one for 50 dollars? I wonder if people who read my blog think I’m funny or if they think I seem boring?

Should I bring a GPS on my bike ride or not? I mean in the grand scheme of things, how lost could I really get? Or am I already more lost than I think? Yeah Hubble 3D raised more questions than it answered, but was great at doing it.

So here’s my pop looking a bit confused.Image




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