The night before christmas + pictures from the summer of 1961

Ok so the day is finally almost here. It’s 11:20 pm the night before I set sail for California. I feel very excited and I must admit a little nervous and tense. I’m not nervous because I don’t think I can do this. I really do think I can, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I just know I have two months filled with both physical and mental challenges ahead of me. The physical challenges are pretty obvious: biking 60-100 (100-160 km) miles a day on a bike heavy as shit, sleeping mostly in a tent and being out in the sun all day. The mental challenges: getting through the pain and perhaps even boredom of riding that distance every day, being mostly (though I hope not) alone for two months and sleeping in a tent alone somewhere out in the wilderness.

I have basically zero camping experience so the camping bit is going to be the toughest for sure. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to cope with being alone in a tent in a dark forest, but I will find out soon because I just booked a spot at a campsite outside of a city west of here called Cumberland. Cumberland is 95 miles from my starting point so this will make a challenging but hopefully manageable first day.

The reason I’m riding to Cumberland on the first day, is, as I’ve mentioned before, that Cumberland was the city my father and his brother rolled into after their first day of riding back in 1961.


Take note that it will be on the exact same date 51 years later that I make a stop in Cumberland.

The scrap-book of newspaper clippings, photos and postcards sent home from dad and Nils’ trip is simply an amazing read. It tells the story of how these two young boys blazed through this huge country in only six weeks, while being met by nothing but hospitable people who either treated them to food, shelter or simply gave them money.  Enclosed below are three favorite shots of mine.




Ok that’s it folks. I was going to write a complete list of what I’m bringing with me as that could be valuable to future riders, but I just didn’t have time for it. Maybe I’ll do one at the end instead.

Now time for the last night’s sleep in a familiar bed. After that tire will meet road. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “The night before christmas + pictures from the summer of 1961

  1. Lycka till älskling! Det kommer bli amazing och jag är jätteavis! Ps måste du campa i “mörka skogar”? Kan du inte hålla dig till campingplatser? 🙂 Puss

  2. Det kommer att gå hur bra som helst. Önskar du slapp tänka hur många mil du måste klara det blir sådan press då. Vissa dagar går det av sig själv och andra dagar är tunga. Magiken infinner sig när hjärnan inte är med och kan kontrollera allt. Du är en vagabond och äventyrare och det är bara när man är riktigt modig som man kan tillåta sig att också vara lite rädd.

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