The wild beast

In the wee morning hours of the day I was awoken by noise. I check the clock. 4:26 am. Noise again. Metallic sounding. Quiet. I must just be hearing things. Stress is getting to me. I settle back on my pillow to get a few more hours of sleep. Then I hear it again. It’s a continous sound. Every three seconds a metallic kind of banging from somewhere outside of my room.

I’m used to noises in this house but these ones are different. I turn on my bedside light and slowly climb out of bed. Kind of scared to be honest. Never know who could have broken in to your house. I gently open the door to the living room and peek out. No noise. I stay for a few second but hear nothing. Relieved I go back to my room and get back into bed. After a few minutes it starts again. FUCK. What the hell is this?! When I get back up and into the living room the noise stops again. This freaks me out even more. There is obviously some living thing in the house which stops making its god damn noise as soon as I get up. I carefully sit down in one of the lounge chairs and just wait. I check my e-mail. Two blog comments. Good.

Then it comes back. A metallic sound again. I get out of the chair and walk towards the noise. It’s coming from behind a desk. Heart is kind of beating fast. Behind the desk I find a trash can. There must be some wild animal in there. Or a snake. Maybe some type of raccoon.



No. No Snake and no raccoon. But a wild little beast indeed.

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