Keyser etc

In Keyser, West Virginia now. Making no good time on the bike. Top of knees hurt and I have very little power. Pain apparently symptom of over riding. No kidding. I’m riding along the feet of the appalachians south. Very hilly. Not super into Keyser. Everyone is very fat, it’s dirty here and they all drive huge trucks and leave them running when they go into the gas station.

Asked gas station attendant if he could fill my bottles. “yeah but it’s going to be tap water though!!” he said as if that was the worst thing in the world. The water here tastes better than stockholm water. Drink tap water people, it won’t kill you, I promise!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Keyser etc

  1. Damnit, you need these socks. SERIOUSLY!!! Also, can you find a sweet potato somewhere? It will be a great thing to eat.

  2. HAHA!!! The socks. I think you’re right but I also think they’re going to be hard to find now. Shoulda bought them when I had the chance. Didn’t know my muscles were going to be this broken down though. Saw sweet potato fries in Burger King yesterday!!

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