Very tired Olson rolls into Cumberland

So. I’m still in Cumberland and it’s noon. Felt I had to rest up after that crazy day.

A few pics from yesterday:

One of the first mile markers I saw on the C&O canal. I started at mile 99 and Cumberland is at mile 184. I became a slave to the mile markers. Kept wishing I’d missed the last one and would be pleasantly surprised, but that never happened.

The riding was VERY monotonous. This is what it looked like the whole way…

The actual canal:


I pushed and pushed and pushed but it felt like I was getting nowhere basically. The miles draaaagged on. Eventually I got to a little place called little Orleans at mile 140 or so. The town consisted of one bar called Bill’s place. Bill is 90 and has two hoses sticking out of his nose. The bar was amazingly awesome. Met a cool couple called Matt and Allison (might be off there). We had a beer and a chat and they gave  me a slice of pizza which I badly needed.


This gave me energy to ride a little faster for a while. Then I met a great little Japanese man who was absolutely astounded that I was aiming for the west coast. He was a very nice man and we had a quick chat before I rallied on. Here he is:


Then the craziest thing happened!!! I was pushing along making good time I thought. Then all of a sudden there is a big herd of cows in front of me. On the trail. Like 20 of them. This was late in the day, maybe 7 pm, and the sun was setting. I just wanted to get out of there. There was no way around them. I tried to force through but they kind of wouldn’t move and I was scared as shit. I turned around and went back to the nearest camp site to ask the people there what they thought. They said that since they were all cows and no bulls it was fine.

I went back with my pepper spray up, and they’d moved up along the trail. Some of them had trailed off into the woods so there was a small clearing on the road. I took my chance and pushed on through. My heart was beating so fast!! Here is one picture of a few of them.

Then I just hammered on and eventually made it!!!
Best sign I’v ever seen:

That’s 4 miles but it felt like nothing compared to what I’d done.

OK I better get rolling here. Going south west today to try to link up with Transamerica trail. See y’all laters.


4 thoughts on “Very tired Olson rolls into Cumberland

  1. Thanks for letting us ride along with you and share in the adventure. Did you ride on the Western Maryland Rail Trail (the paved 20-30 miles section parallel to the canal before Hancock to somewhere near Fort Frederick)? Tommy & Patti

  2. Allison and were so glad that we got a chance to meet you! We actually met up and shared a campsite the with the Asian Sensation later that evening and he was still marveling over the idea that someone would want to bicycle across the country.

    If you’re bored, you can check out my sarcastic take on the C and O on my site. (should be up tomorrow morning)

    Good luck and stay safe!

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