Country roads & macncheese


Had a good hard ride through west virginia today. It turns out there is no truth in thinking that you’ll be going downhill mostly if you’re going downwards on a map. I rode mostly south today, and mostly up I think. In West Virginia they’ve taken the same kind of smaller hills you see in eastern maryland, And then put them right after each other. As you’re slowly going up a hill, you see the crest up above and you think “ahh, at the top there will be cool beers and all downhills” and then you reach the crest only to find a downhill 10% as long as what you just did, and then another uphill. That happens a lot here.

Mountains are honest though: they always reward you in the end. Life here is easy in that way.

Arrived finally in Peterburg, west virginia just in time to inhale mac&cheese, grilled pork chops, apple sauce and a coke and subsequently set up my tent at a local campsite before sunset. People looked at me funny when I walked into the restaurant. Mostly locals there and I don’t think I look local. They don’t wear orange shorts and bike shoes in Petersburg.

I’m camping by a river here. Campsite is empty except for me. I’m a little nervous about sleeping here alone but I should be fine. Hung the little food I have up a tree so the bears won’t want to come inside my tent.

Got chased by my first dog today. Big ass thing with slobber hanging. The dog lived in a house on a downhill stretch though so he didn’t catch me. Lucky I wasn’t going up.

4 thoughts on “Country roads & macncheese

    • It was a pretty uneventful night actually but I still had trouble sleeping. Kept hearing things in the woods. Ended up taking off part of the rainfly on the tent so I could check out what was going on outside. Nothing was going on outside luckily so that was good!

  1. Hur var det att tälta första natten? Inga andra på campingplatsen, Peterburg är kanske ingen turiststad av din beskrivning att döma? När jag läser din blogg är det som jag börjar minnas detaljer från min långcykling, hur jävla tung cykeln var med packning och hur snart det blev normalläget. Och hur lårmusklerna blev som stora fläskfileer under huden. Kramar/morsan.

    • Nää Peterburg var ingen turiststad alls. Jag var nog enda turisten där! Cykeln känns fortfarande tung men det börjar bli bättre… Det där med fläskfileer låter inge nice alls mamma!! Kunde du inte ha kommit med någon snyggare beskrivning?! haha

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