Survived the night

Just rolled into Franklin, West Virginia. Maybe roll isn’t the right word. I’m not moving very fast, to put it mildly. My mind is fighting my legs. Guy just pulled into gas station-leaves truck on while he goes inside. Seems like standard procedure here.

The camping last night went well except for the fact that i forgot that you actually had to open a valve on my self inflating matress. I thought maybe it just took a while to inflate the first time. It was still flat in the morning though so that’s when i investigated the situation more thoroughly and found the valve.

The median income per person in franklin is $15000 per year according to wikipedia and a staggering 20% of people under 18 live under the poverty line. I’m riding through some beautiful countryside right now. I’ve been riding southbound in this valley the last few days. Everything looks sorta the same but I guess that’s how it is cycling through a big country like this. It’s not like you pass a county border and all of a sudden it looks different. Soon I’ll be linking up with the ta trail and start heading west again. Looking forward to that. Maybe meet some cyclists to ride with. That’d be nice.

6 thoughts on “Survived the night

  1. Bra älskus! Det blir nog roligare när du kommer ner på the ta bike trail, men se det här som en erfarenhet! 🙂 Skype snart? Maila mig så fort du kan! Puss ❤

  2. Stephan, I’m friends w/ your cousin Lauren as well as Nils and Sandy. I’m all about bikes. Your blog is great and I’m excited to follow your journey. Happy Trails!

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