Covington madnes

I decided to take an early night tonight in order for my body to get some rest. I found a cheap little motel in a town called covington and decided to go for it. I go inside my room, take a shower and start updating my blog. All of a sudden the power starts going on and off, and eventually it just goes off. I pull the blinds open and the skies outside have turned dark, dark gray in a matter of minutes. Things were flying around the parking lot of the motel because of the strong winds. That was 5 hours ago.

Since then, the storm, which was apparently a tornado, has moved on and wreaked havoc all over virginia and wv. Power is out in many counties. The whole town here is shut down, and of course i can’t charge any of my gear in the room nor upload any pictures since wifi doesn’t work. Nor can i get food anywhere so i’m basically starving here…

Meanwhile, i’ve made friends with an awesome crew of syrian guys living next to me. They’re in town for a festival making meditteranean food. Another family just checked in, their car was struck and destroyed by a falling tree on the highway. Shit’s crazy in Covington!

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