The Virginias in pictures

Ok so this is the picture mega-post of what’s been going on the last two or three days. Pictures of empty landscape are pretty boring I think so I’m not going to give you too many of those (I’ve taken way too many). But here are a few to give you an idea of what it looks like where I am.

Yeaaah I think we’re seeing a trend here!! These three pictures look pretty much the same to me, and to be honest the scenery hasn’t changed much lately. I’ve been in the valley of two mountain ridges for about 4 days straight…


Either I eat shit like this:

Which in my bag turns into this:

Or hearty american stuff like this:

On the right here is Bill Wagner, the police officer in Monterey who let me pitch my tent in his front yard. On the left his pal Allen. Both great dudes! On the night I stayed there, Bill was working as a cop until 1am in the morning, he was then up by about 6 o’clock again making hay on his farm. He also works as an auctioneer. I asked him about his busy schedule. He said “Well, you know, round here people sometime complain about the most minute things, but they don’t do anything about them. They just sit on their asses. But you know what? I’m paying for their welfare, so I better keep going!” He had a very refreshing attitude, and so did Allen. Both very hard workers.

My tent situation in the back of an old farmhouse of his:

These coming three shots illustrate how hard life on the road all alone can be when you want a good picture of yourself.

 I look kinda dumb in this one. My hair is ugly. Fix that.

 Hair is way racier in this one, but I now look sad.

This is a little bit better.




This guy wanted satellite tv so bad he built a freaking tower in his backyard for his two(!) antennas to sit on. Die hard.

Dig this.

Drive in movie theater in the middle of nowhere showing Snowhite and the Huntsmen on the weekend. Pretty badass.

Water and suntan lotion SPF 50. Essential for a redhead in West Virginia.

!!! Love this one!!! Just as I had walked out the door of the Family Traditions restaurant in Petersburg, WV, I hear a noise which I’ve heard many many times before. They have the same freaking cross-walk-sound-makers we do in Stockholm!!! In fucking Petersburg. Who woulda thunk. It got me so excited I just walked out into traffic and nearly got run over by a car!!!

The AMAZING bathhouse in warm springs. Just fantastic to be honest. Well worth 17 bucks, go there if you get the chance!

Here’s Rick and his wife Cindy. They rolled up on me to chat about riding across the country and stuff like that. Rick has already done it and gave me some nifty tips. Great people. Gave me their card and said that if anything happened to me within the next few hundred miles I should call them. Stuff like this gives me so much energy!!

And finally, a picture from my motel-room as the storm of death was brewing outside. Covington gave me more action than I bargained for, that’s for damn sure.

That’ll do for now!!

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