Knee pain stops olson kid in his tracks

After the very stormy night I woke up this morning in blacksburg. We went and had some breakfast at a fantastic vegetarian place called Gillie’s, and then i headed off. Ashton cycled with me for the first few miles to show me the best route to get back to the trail. Pretty much as soon as she left me i made a wrong turn and ended up on the 460, a major 3 lane highway. Biking on those babies ain’t fun, let me tell you;)

Pretty much from the start i felt like something was up with my right knee. I didn’t have lots of strength in that leg and pain came shooting up as soon as the road started ascending. I made it about 25 miles before the pain got so bad that I really couldn’t take it any longer. I contemplated taking a few aspirins and shrugging it off but decided that that wouldn’t be wise.

So, i found a state park, set up my tent, whipped out my phone for a blog post and here I am. Will probably stay here for a day or two. It’s pretty nice here actually. There are lots of trees, some water and families all around so I don’t have to feel so lonely:)

Im hoping a day of zero cycling is going to heal my knee. I
This is all a bit frustrating as my legs are finally coming around to the idea that this is their new life.

In other news, I managed to fill my air mattress with for the first time since this trip started. There is a chance sleeping in the tent is going to be several procent nicer now.

Oh and I saw my first black bear today!!! It just crossed the road right in front of me. I need to take a mental note not to look down as much as i do when riding because that could end badly for me. I hope there aren’t any bears in this state park… Though statistics say that most of these families around me are carrying concealed weapons so I should be fine!

Good night!


3 thoughts on “Knee pain stops olson kid in his tracks

  1. Hey. Sorry about your knee. We wanted to make sure you are taking ibuprofen and icing your knee to reduce swelling. We are all thinking about you!

    • Hey thank you! I forgot to call last night, will get on it today. After i read your comment i got on the advils so i guess the pain should go away temporarily. Is the ice thing really that important? I don’t have swelling at all. Talk to yall soon! Hope you’re having a ball!

  2. Whooha det oroar mig verkligen med ditt knä du borde inte cykla. Knäet är inte med på de planer du har helt enkelt. Och du ska inte tälta om det väntas thunderstorm. Mormor hälsar att hon läste om en 40-årig man som ska cykla till Italien, han sa i tidningen att han kommer att bryta om han inte orkar och ta tåget,” jag är inte dum” sa han. Hälsar din mormor. Kram.

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