All I ask for is a piece of fruit

Everything is going well so far. Stopped in early at a small cute place called the Opry Hillbilly café near the campground for breakfast. Had a pancake, homefries, two eggs overeasy, two sausages, a bisquit, a cup of coffee and an oj. I felt great when I left that place.

One thing I’ve been reading about these last few days concerning the knee issue is that you should try to keep a high cadence while you’re bike touring. This means running a very easy gear and spinning your pedals at maybe 80 rpm. I’d been kinda doing that before but not religiously. It felt kinda silly and it feels like you go very slow. Apparently it’s way better for your knees. So, today I’ve ridden is suuuper easy gears, spinning like a maniac and feeling a bit dumb, but guess what? I’ve covered some good hills and about 25 miles in just over two hours, and no knee pain!

I’m slowly coming to grips with the fact that riding a bike far as hell is not about riding fast – it’s about being consistent. Easy does it and just keep spinning them legs and eventually you’ll get there. It’s a pretty good metaphor for life in general I’d say.

All day I’ve had a craving for fruit. I haven’t eaten too much fruit lately. It doesn’t seem to be a part of the average diet over here. A least not at Taco Bell. The thing is, fruit is pretty damned hard to come by here. Right now i’m surrounded by three gas stations, a denny’s, a mcdonalds and a burger king. Oh and a grocery store- max meadows grocery. They surely must have fruit? Went in there and couldn’t find any so I asked the attendant, he said no, but you might be able to find some in wytheville up the road. He made fruit sound like some exotic good sold only at specialty fruit grocers. Then I pointed at the scale next to him and asked him what he used that for.
“oh just bananas and tomatoes and stuff” pointing at a stack of bananas i had missed.
I chuckled and bought a banana. He didn’t seem to see any humor in it.


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