Rural Retreat on independence day

My 4th of july adventure in Rural Retreat started with me parking my bike next to a Ford Explorer randomly on the street in the little town. I decided to take a short walk down the street. Before I even had time to take one step, a man walks out the door of an apartment building. He has three small children in tow. I could immediately tell that this man wasn’t your ordinary small-town Virginian. We started chatting and he told me that most things are closed in Rural Retreat on wednesdays, and especially if that wednesday happens to be the 4th of july. Fair enough. He then tells me to feel free to drop in on a bbq at his mother’s place down the street.

I take him up on the offer, and about an hour later I’m surrounded by 7 kids all ready to play. Eric, originally from Baltimore, has worked as a fashion designer for many years, and is currently a painter (not houses, paintings) and photographer working out of Rural Retreat. He’s a super bright guy and meeting him, his children and his mother Phyllis and sister Ashley was super cool. If Eric hadn’t spotted me on the street I don’t know how my 4th of july had been. Instead of spending it alone in Taco Bell, I ended up being fed grilled chicken, steak, macaroni salad, potato salad, fat tire beer and all things good like that.

This is Eric:


After the bbq Eric’s friend Chris showed up. Chris was also a very interesting guy. Fluent in Russian and with an absolutely astounding wealth of knowledge on all things historical.

This is Chris at a visit I did to his house on the 5th:Image:

The kids rocking out in the family car:


Obligatory fireworks pic from the show at a lake near Rural Retreat


The next morning Chris took me to THE place to eat breakfast in RR. The country kitchen I think it was called. I had a southern speciality, Bisquit and gravy. Pretty good. It doesn’t look too good on photo though perhaps…


After one last group picture with the whole crew I then took off:Image

This was just one more example of people in the world being awesome. And a big shout out goes to the kids in the family. They were really fantastic!! We had so much fun and their energy was immense.

To be continued…

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