The sad flag

Ok I’ll do one more post. The bar I’m at is about to close so I gotta be super quick here! Mostly pictures in this one.

I rolled out of RR about 20 km and stopped at a gas station to get something to eat. As soon as I stopped I noticed BIG clouds forming in the sky.


I decided to chill there for a while, which was good, because a few minutes later it started hailing like craaaazy. It died down after a while, but kept on raining. I waited, and waited, and waited, but it just didn’t stop. After over an hour of just sitting in the gas station looking at farmers rocking in and out in their trucks I finally decided that the next few hours were going to have to be a little bit sucky, so I got my rain gear on and started pedaling. One important thing to mention here is that I knew I had a 2500 foot climb in front of me right out of the gas station. 

The mountains kinda looked like this:

It was pouring down at this point!!



The climb was about 6 miles long, so it wasn’t super steep, and I actually got into it about halfway up. I was absolutely soaked but for some reason I was loving it.

This picture was taken before that happened.


Right before I got to the top, this happened:


Yeah, my beloved Swedish flag got stuck in the rear brake. There was no way of just pulling it out, so I had to take my panniers off and actually dismount the whole brake from the bike and then yank the flag out. It wasn’t pretty.

That resulted in this:


A messy situation, but the flag is all good and still coming with me to California!

Ok they’re turning on the lights here so I gotta roll. No more wifi for me! But that’s the situation, I’m in a place called Damascus and everything’s good and dandy. Haven’t been doing as many miles as I probably should so I gotta rock out the next few weeks here and make up for lost time. My legs aren’t looking forward to it.

1 thought on “The sad flag

  1. Maybe the flag doesn’t look pretty but your are, a really good picture of you. Right now I’m reading a story about Lance Armstrong: It’s not about the bike, entering Tour the France and stuff like that. Usually I’m not reading about biking heroes so I guess you are on my mind. Love.

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