Not getting an inch closer to California

Albert and I decided to take a rest day here at Buckhorn lake, Kentucky. It’s a pretty funny place we’re at because the lodge was built in the 1960’s and they’ve basically kept it exactly the same for 50 years. They have these old wood panels on the walls, old looking carpets and kinda antique furniture. Right now there are not tons of people here, so it almost feels like being in some old museum of what a state park lodge looked like 50 years ago. The fact that few people are here is illustrated well in the fact that all the people who work here now know by heart that the crazy cross country bikers are in room 207.

I got a little restless earlier in the day and decided to walk across the big mountain to the campsite to say hello to Pearlie – the woman who works there – and a girl named Hannah who lives near the campsite and hangs out with Pearlie a lot.


Pearlie, Hannah and her sister and mother. These guys have the greatest vibe going on! Super worry-free and relaxed. I had lots of great laughs together with them. Hannahs parents run a little store by the campsite called Baker’s bait and tackle, I bought some sort of weird icicle in there today. It was tasty. <— 5yr old narrative again!!!


Hannah and her rooster Uno!

This is what it looks like outside our room:


What you see there is a man made lake that came of them building a dam further down I think.

And this is what’s happening inside:



What am I mowing down in Kentucky? Mashed potatoes, green beans, some sort of bread and fried chicken!! Not super stoked on the quality of food at the state park lodge though! Maybe there is some truth to the statement that competition generates quality? 

Today has been the most lazy day ever. We were just laughing about how foreign it feels to actually get on a bike again tomorrow and ride after just being vegetables at the lodge.


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