Zero booze and lots of snooze


Just sat down outside a tiny convenience store in a tiny village that apparently is so small that it doesn’t even seem to have a name. To my enormous surprise my AT&T phone gave me 3g and no less than 3 bars!!! This is probAbly the first time the at&t service has given me a positive surprise… (to Nils: I love the phone though, thanks a ton for letting me borrow it!) So, note to future transamers: go with Verizon, it’s the only service that will give you coverage all across the us, even in obscure places.

Bertie abd I had a pretty good day yesterday. We’d decided to make a serious attempt at the 76 miles from our lodge to Berea, Ky. Turned out to not be out of reach, and by about 8 or so we rolled in. Since there’s two of us now, hotel prices have halved, so we opted for the cheap Holiday motel($40 total) over a campsite for like $15. Yes, we are probably what’s known as credit card tourers- eating out all the time and staying in motels. I guess we just like being comfortable.

Berea was a cute town, and as with almost every cute town we’ve passed through so far Berea had a college.

College towns > other towns.

What berea could not offer two thirsty bikers though, was beer. Berea is what is in Kentucky known as a dry town. They have no liquor stores, no bars, and the restaurants don’t serve alcohol. This is apparently pretty common in kentucky – i guess it is some kind of religious thing ( I was gonna say crap but I didn’t).

Beer or no beer, we decided to get up early again this morning and try for another 80 or so mile day. I was put in charge of setting the alarm for 6am- which I did. At 6am this morning the alarm clock rang. I pressed snooze. At 6:09 it rang again. I snoozed it again. At 6:18 it again interrupted my sleep. I again interrupted its ringing by pressing snooze. This went on until I decided that it would be smarter to turn it off completely. A very special someone back in Stockholm might recognize this behavior on my part…

We left the motel room at 10:20 and it’s now 2pm, 92 degrees fahreinheit, I have 15% less of my flag left and we’ve put about 20 miles behind our panniers. They should have some sort driving test before they allow people to operate alarm clocks.

10 thoughts on “Zero booze and lots of snooze

  1. Stephan,
    great blogging, I love reading about your daily activities, keep up the great writings and stay in touch.

  2. HI Stephan,
    My name is Norma Brown and I live in Myersville, Md. Your cousin, Lauren is a friend of mine and one of my daughter’s bff’s. I so enjoy reading your blog. I have a relative that went to Berea College. Beautiful town :), but no beer 😦
    Stay safe!
    Norma Brown

    • Hi Norma, nice to hear from you! I did a lot of training rides through Myersville when I was training for this ride ( I think that was Myersville…) glad you like the blog, I’ll try to keep it as up to date as I can!

      • Stephan,
        You probably were in Myersville!! I’ll ask Lauren when I see her next. I saw on facebook that you were in Boonsboro and that is very close. A lot of bike clubs/people train in Myersville, right on my road. We have lots of downhill, long uphill(s) and some flat so I guess it’s a good place to train. I know nothing about it but admire the folks that do!!
        Stay safe,

  3. En självklar effekt av upprepat snoozande blir att frukosten oftast inköps på vägen till jobbet och avnjuts under arbete och avslutas lagom till lunch. Skicka mig ditt mobilnummer så ska jag ringa och väcka dig – varje morgon

    • Haha!! Det var inte dig jag syftade på när jag sa att någon vet om att jag har den vanan, men visst – du är en som fått känna effekterna av mitt konstanta snoozande. Förhoppningsvis kommer den här resan att råda bot på mitt beteende…

  4. This is from Rick in Hot Springs Va. Sorry verizon will not work all the way across. Some times verizon some times att some times not at all. 5miles an hour will not get you across in time to catch your plane. Get up early and beat the heat. I rode the trans am last year in 57 days not bad for an over weight 65 year old.

  5. I know who it is! I have a really bad habit of snoozing and it became worse over the years. I laughed out loud when I read your blogg it’s lovely in every way. Lots of love.

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