Slow rolling tires/ fast talking auctioneer

Hey people

I was feeling like I was having a bit of a rough day here. Legs felt like jelly, knees hurting, saddle sores – asking myself why I even went on this trip. That sort of thing. Then Albert’s bike started acting up. First I thought it was his rear derailleur so I messed about with that. Problem not solved. Then he felt his rear wheel wobbling all over the place, so we stopped and realized that his rear hub was basically falling apart.

A quick google later we found out that the nearest bike shop was about 30 miles off route. I left Bertie while he was trying to hitch hile there – nothing i could do to help.

Now feeling even worse I kept riding on. Trying to push back thoughts of how distant California is, how few days I have to get there and how badly my tires seem to roll.

This was the mood I walked into the Howardstown Mini Mart with. The visit there reminded me once again why this trip is brilliant. I had been in the mood for a 2pm beer since losing Albert, and in the Mini Mart I found not only an ice cold Budweiser but also an older man named Gaddie to drink it with.

Gaddie turned out to be a 62 year old Vietnam vet, now retired but nursing his hobby/job of being an auctioneer. He gave me a fantastic introduction to the ins and outs of being an auctioneer. The thought that goes into starting an item at the right price, keeping an eye on all the bidders in a 500 person crowd, the increments at which you increase the price and how fast to talk. He even gave me a sample of his auctioneering mouth speed and let me tell you it was ridiculous!!!! Wish I’d recorded that for you.

Gaddie – great guy. Pictures to come in near future.

Let’s hope Albert gets on OK and can meet up with me later in the week!

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