Fire station to the rescue

I’m pretty much too tired to even write anything at the moment, but I’ll give you a quick update on what’s new as the front moves west.

Albert had an absolute monster of a day and caught up with me in a town called Utica. We’d decided to both try to get there- I had about 70 miles and he had 100. I wasn’t sure that’d he’d be able to make it as I was struggling with my 70, but Albert rolled in to town only an hour after me. Feels good to be reunited again- riding even one day alone now felt boring.

We havr the SICKEST accomodations you could imagine here in Utica. The volunteer fire dept in town allows cross country bikers to crash at the fire station. I was amazed at te fact that they just leave the doors to the station unlocked all the time to let bikers in. There’s no one else here so we’ve been looking at the trucks (the 3 year old in me comes out pretty quickly), doing laundry, taken showers and made some food.

The funny part is that at any moment they could get an alarm and there’d be 15 huge dudes coming barging into our make shift bedroom to get dressed to put out a fire. Somehow I almost hope they get a call so we ge to be part of some action here! Maybe a false alarm or something…

What else…? I feel like tons of cool shit should be happening… Oh yeah I biked across a time zone border today!! Pretty cool!! I’m now in central time and it feels like a good milestone. I’ve done about 1000 miles now out of 3800. More than a quarter of a way there!

If tomorrow goes as planned we’ll be safely in Illinois by nightfall which is another milestone. Damn I’ve been chased by dogs the last few days. Kinda sick of ky just because of that. had two packs of three dogs each really chase the crap out of me for probably 500 feet or something.

Anyways, over and out! Still waiting to find an internet connection to upload a few pictures. I guess the fact that i’m rarely near any wifi is a good thing because it means I’m really “out there” and “doing it”. I don’t know. Too tired . Bed.

2 thoughts on “Fire station to the rescue

  1. So glad you’ve found a buddy to enjoy the ride with. Cant wait to see pics of you two and of the dogs and the fire house and everything else you’re seeing. Love Kristin

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