Singin’ in the rain

So, bert and I banged out another solid 85 miler yesterday and rolled down to the ferry across the Ohio River at about 6:30pm. The Ohio River is what constitutes the border between Kentucky and Illininois, so we made it out of Kentucky without being eaten by dogs! Proud of that one. I feel like Kentucky really went by quickly, and I also feel like my body is finally coming around to the idea that this is my life now.

The biking is still tough, it definitely is, but the difference now is that I can still do 80+ miles despite feeling tired. Earlier in the trip that just didn’t happen. This could also have something to do with the fact that it’s less hilly and a little bit cooler too.

Had two really funny moments yesterday. The first one came straight after lunch. We’d banged out 40 miles before settling down at a very small restaurant in Dixon, kentucky. While we were eating it started just pouring down outside. After about 40 minutes it still hadn’t stopped so we decided to go out and ride it out. We put all the rain gear on, and started pedaling – and within 5 minutes we were just soaking wet.

For some reason, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Here I am, in a huge yellow poncho which makes me look like a hot air balloon, sat on top of probably the most uncomfortable hard piece of gel and leather you could think of, trying to pedal my stupid concoction of aluminum tubes in the pissing rain across one of the biggest countries in the world.

It’s so ridiculous that you just have to laugh about it to be able to stand it somehow…

The next great thing happene when I decided to listen to some music. I haven’t really listened to anything but the birds twittering and my tires rolling against the pavement for the first 1000 miles, but the last few days the boredom of central kentucky finally grew too big. I’ve already sent home my own Iphone to save weight so I’m stuck with the selection my uncle Nils has decided to put on the phone I’m borrowing off him. I’ve had some sweet moments with Van Morrison, The Beatles , Paul Simon, Akon (smack that, dirty version) and more. Yesterday i decided to give his New Age playlist a try right before some heavy climbing. Shouldn’t have done that.

The first song that comes consists of basically a very calm flute accompanied by i think some faint waterfall sounds in the background. It’s the kind of stuff they’d play in the back room of a massage parlor or something. Needless to say, it didn’t get me up the climb. My legs turned to jelly and i just wanted to lay down. I had to put on smack that (dirty version) to get up. Nils is a dentist so maybe he plays the new age flutes and watetfalls in his waiting room. That’s the only excuse for having that on your iphone:) Other than that, solid choice of music!! Might put on a horse with no name on repeat right now and just cycle out into the desert!

See ya!

3 thoughts on “Singin’ in the rain

  1. omg this just made me actually laugh out loud. I know exactly what playlist you are talking about…bahahahhahahahahaa. idk if you’ve read my friend, katie’s fiance’s blog but if you want too its you guys share a lot of similar experiences yet completely different. thinking of you and praying for your legs. xoxo

  2. Hej älskling! Saknar dig alldeles extra mycket idag! Haha lite America på resan är ju väldigt passande, men jag känner mig v sheepish just nu. Har alltid alltid alltid trott att det är Neil Young som sjöng A horse with no name! Skulle just lyssna på spotify och letade som en galning. Till slut fick jag admit defeat! 🙂 Puss puss

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