Bike shop politics

Just had a horrible conversation with another customer in a bike shop in downtown carbondale. While they were switching my tires I accidentally started talking to this super-idiot about politics. He owned his own trucking company and said that as a small business owner in america you can’t vote for anyone else than Romney. He then went on a rant about how the problems of the euro are mostly down to the fact that health care is free in many european countries, that obama’s health care law is going to lower competition in health care and thus also lower quality and increase prices. He basically said that all problems of the market can be solved with increased competition.

My problem is that I really can’t talk about politics with people lile this. I get waaay too angry and can’t carry on a normal conversation. I guess there’s really no point in talking about politics with people like that. I should have just punched him in the face.

Now we’re in a vegetarian café surrounded by rich educated hippies who recycle and I feel much better.

4 thoughts on “Bike shop politics

  1. Well it takes a lot of maturness not get angry with people like that. When I’ll become as mature as it takes I’m proparbly rotten.

  2. Once whilst on a greyhound bus the man next to me told me that the Roman empire fell because they gave free healthcare to their citizens. When I asked where he heard that he said ‘In church.’

  3. If you don’t have more conversations like that it probably means either that you’ve learned how to channel your inner Obama, or that you’re not meeting enough “real Americans.” In either case you should probably spend some time thinking about Alexis de Tocqueville, in whose illustrious footsteps as a European exploring the American continent you’re following:

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