Stop eating cheap chicken!!!

A few days ago, passing through western Kentucky, I noticed some strange looking farm buildings. They’d be in groups of 5 or so, rectangular, made out of concrete or metal and with no windows. They were very eerie looking. We passed maybe 3 groups of these buildings, spread out over 20 miles or so, before I asked Albert what they were. He explained that they were Tyson Foods chicken hatcheries. Inside these buildings, there were probably tens of thousands of chickens pretty much stacked on top of each other. These are the cheapest, shittiest most non-organic hatcheries you can find.



That sign says “blank” months with no accidents.

The smell outside of these buildings, even as far as half a mile away, was absolutely horrible. On the ends of the hatcheries they had huge fans for ventilation, and the air they blew out on the road was disgusting beyond belief. I actually felt like throwing up every time I went past one of the facilities.

The next time I got an internet connection, I started looking into Tyson Growers. If you can handle it, you should watch this and this. Actually, you should watch it even if you can’t handle it. It’ll probably have a stronger effect then.

Also, read this.


Tyson Foods is one of the largest U.S. marketers of value-added chicken, beef and pork to retail grocers, broad line food service distributors and national fast food and full service restaurant chains; fresh beef and pork; frozen and fully cooked chicken, beef and pork products; case-ready beef and pork; supermarket deli chicken products; meat toppings for the pizza industry and retail frozen pizza; club store chicken, beef and pork; ground beef andflour tortillas. It supplies all Yum! Brands chains that use chicken (including KFC and Taco Bell), as well asMcDonald’sBurger KingWendy’sWal-MartKrogerIGABeef O’Brady’s, small restaurant businesses, and prisons.

Of course, I’m sure all us meat-eaters know in the back of our heads that something like this is going on, but being outside that facility, and experiencing the negative energy flowing from that place, really took it to another level for me.   There are two things we can do to limit this horrendous human behavior:

Either we stop eating meat completely or, when we do buy meat, we should buy only the really expensive organic stuff. STOP buying the cheap chicken and beef and whatever else you find in the store with no organic certification.

Please, think about this next time you go shopping for meat!

Over and out.

1 thought on “Stop eating cheap chicken!!!

  1. I’m really happy that you posted this one. So many people have no clue where their food is coming from. Organic is not a dirty word.

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