Stopfrackingaround vs eagles club

Ellington, MO. 3:02 pm.

Was making terrific time this morning- got up at 5:18 after only two snoozes and had done 62 miles by noon. It’s now 3pm and I’m still at 62. It was so hot that I figured I should stop ane cool down for a second. Eagles club of Ellington was the first place I found. Probably not the best place for a transam cyclist to cool down. Met a guy named David Koontz in there who thought it’d be a great idea to treat me to a tasting tour of all the annheuser Busch beers.

Three hours later I’m ready for the road again after lots of water and a microwaved cheeseburger. Hoping to do another fifty miles today. We’ll see how that goes. It’s pretty hilly here.


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