The stopfrackingaround challenge

Houston, Mo. 6:30 pm.

The Ozarks are now in my past. Yesterday was a brutally hilly 90-miler and today i’m still working on it – hot as anything out here though. Meanwhile, I’ve got something interesting for you coming up on the blog either tonight or tomorrow. It’ll pose a challenge for both me and all of you- my beautiful readers. More on that soon!

2 thoughts on “The stopfrackingaround challenge

  1. It was nice meeting you near the Current River at Powder Mill on Wednesday. You (and your blog) are very inspirational. I agree, drink tap water and stay away from cheap chicken :). Good luck getting through the Ozarks and keep up the good work! – Jennifer & Glenn H.

    • Thank you very much! I’m happy you agree with me on those points, seems like a lot of people here don’t…
      I thought i was past the Ozarks yesterday but realized today that I wasn’t. Today has been one long self-propelled roller coaster ride:)

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