What’s your weakness?

Something great about a trip like this is that it sort of bares all about you. You have no energy to hold back – or add anything. That holds especially true for food consumption. It’s not just that you eat more than you usually do – you also eat very differently. I have really never been one for desserts, but these last few weeks I’ve just been putting away everything from the most ridiculous chocolate fudge cakes with ice cream to cheap gas station donuts. And tons of it.

This constant need for calories can certainly uncover certain weaknesses that have been latent for a long time or that you didn’t even know you had.

Mine was uncovered a few days into the trip as I was staring into the standard fare cooler section of a gas station somewhere in Virginia. Water – boring, Gatorade – too much sugar and sodium to drink a lot of, soft drinks – too much sugar, chocolate milk – YES!! It was as if the small child in me was born again. I used to looove chocolate milk – when I was visiting dad in America that’d be the first thing I wanted to buy when we went to the grocery store.

Since that day in the gas station, the chocoöate milk and I have been unseparable. I’ve had at least one pint of it a day, sometimes two and on maybe one or two rough days three.

I know consuming that much dairy probably isn’t great, but it’s just so tasty!!! I love that rich creamy taste, and apparently it’s good for the recovery process of athletes!

And then today happened. I walked into a big grocery store after completing the day’s first 10 or 15 miles. I’d earned my milk by then I felt. They were sold out. Hmm. That’s strange – that was actually the first time that had happened. Disappointed, I got on my bike and rolled about 20 miles to the next gas station. Same story there. Now, showing signs of a true addict, I was getting desperate and went to a third place. Out of chocolate milk!! At this point, I became weak and opted for the not at all as satisfying alternative of Nesquik low fat chocolate milk. It was Ok but not the same.

I hope the situation is different in the next town. What they really need to do is ration the stuff out to the people who need it most when they realize they’re running low. This is bullshit.


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