What’s in Monsanto’s corn?

I’ve been passing by a lot of corn fields lately. Actually I have been this whole trip. It’s inevitable if you’re traveling in America – except if you’re traveling by plane – because they’re everywhere. 

And yes, the reports of dried up corn are true. Nearly every corn field I’ve seen has been perfectly screwed up. Really, really dry and probably by now totally useless to the farmers. Yesterday, I saw one corn field that was perfect. Who were these magic farmers? Monsanto, of course.

Regular corn fields (they all look like this):



And magic ones (this is literally the only healthy-looking corn I’ve seen all summer):



Monsanto, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the largest agricultural companies in the world. They’ve been researching and producing genetically modified seeds for a long time, and have been criticized by many for their business practices. What do you all feel about genetically modified vegetables? Good or bad?

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