The nightrider

Larned, KS. 2:11am.

Just assumed positioned atop a fine picnic table in the city park of Larned. I am properly spent after the 53 mile ride from sterling this evening. Left at sunset and rode through the night. Night riding is brilliant. Will tell you more lataz. Good night!

2 thoughts on “The nightrider

  1. Hey Stephan, I just wanted you to know that I’m on my vacation now. Just got back from fishing trip and now It’s time for a nice cold beer. It’s perfect. And how your’e doing, need a massage? Hahaha… sorry dude, It’s not the best way to motivate you. But I know one thing… probably I won’t remember my summer vacation more than one year, but you will remember the trip for your whole life! Keep the speed up my friend!!! Go-go-go-go!

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