Update on the charity-bit

The fundraising is going remarkably well!

The first great thing that happened was that one more generous person stepped forward to match $500 worth of donations. This means that any donations until we reach $1000 will be doubled – if I get to SF in time for my flight.

We’re actually not far from the $1000 either, because we just got a HUGE $500 donation from an anonymous donor – and I’d like to extend a great big thank you to this person, and of course the other people who have donated too! Sitting at $560 means that if I make it to San Francisco in time for my flight, we’ll be at $1120!! Not bad!

I know there are a ton of people reading this blog (I can see the statistics you know…) – and we have a lot of momentum going now. So please, could you find it in your hearts to part with a $10 bill (or more) for a good cause? If you’re not into the cause, you could just donate the money to give me a slap on the back and say “Hey Stephan, good job, I like what you’re doing.” I could use a couple of slaps on the back. Of course, you could just send me an e-mail saying that, but I would like the money better.

Here’s where you donate:


Thank you!

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