The music that keeps me going

OK. After that mighty cheeseburger combo, a dip in the Tribune community pool, and some chill time I’m feeling better. There are a few different things I’d like to talk to you about but I probably don’t have time for all as I have to get moving to my next stop for the night which is 58 miles down a no service road!!

I had a sweet night ride last night. I guess you can’t call it a real nigh tride as I started at around six and arrived at my destination at about midnight – but there were quite a few hours of darkness in there. You guys know what kind of music is really fucking cool to listen to while riding at night?! Electronic Dance Music!!

Yeah you probably saw that one coming, didn’t you? It’s so true though, at least for me. Listening to country and singer songwriter stuff is nice because it kinds of fits with the territory you’re in, but man, listening to a great one- or two hour set by some amazing DJ while riding along pitch black, straight roads? That shit is like crack to me.

What’s so great about it? A few different things, actually. One good thing is that the music never stops – since a DJ has mixed the songs together there is a continuous flow of music. And it’s not just any old flow, usually, if the DJ is good, there will be a tension building throughout the set that gets you really jacked up and pedaling like a freak. Another thing is that it creates an amazing kind of backdrop to what you’re seeing. This is even more true in daylight, but even at night a well thought out DJ-set creates such a cool kind of “blank slate” upon which you can sort of superimpose (not the word I’m looking for but it will have to do) your visual experience. You can, if you open your imagination a little bit, kind of imagine how the music describes a lot of what you’re seeing.  What I find, and this is really just my experience, is that when I listen to music that has a lot of singing in it, the song has a clear “meaning” that is not as open to interpretation as for example jazz, classical music or a lot of electronic music.

Since this is just a steady beat that is slowly changing as the set goes on – just as the nature you’re traveling through – you can attach a lot of different meaning to the very minimal sounds you’re hearing. And I don’t mean that I’m making up full on stories about what these dance tunes are about – that would obviously be ridiculous – but often they do touch upon some emotion in me that a lot of modern day, in your face and very “obvious” pop music never does.

Yesterday was all about a Swedish Drum & Bass Producer named Seba, and an american House-producer named Maceo Plex. Their stuff is – as far as EDM goes – some of the most forward thinking music there is.

The tracks that give me chills every time (don’t ask me why)

Tonight I’ll be listening to Maya Jane Coles DJ-Kicks set. She’s a young producer out of London and she’s doing crazy stuff right now!

Lots of mixes on here: and her DJ-kicks set is on Soptify for those fortunate enough to use that. Happy listening!

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