Can’t think of a good name for this one

Eads, CO. 12:40pm.

In other, perhaps more on topic news (I sometimes have trouble staying on the topic of cycling across america), I silently, in the dead of night, left Kansas in my past last night. It was relatively undramatic – but I could feel pretty much instantly that the road started climbing at a very slight degree. I’m now at 4200 feet and most of Kansas was at 2000.

The ride last night was basically fantastic from beginning to end. I was feeling a bit tired as I left Tribune around 8:30, but the exhaustion quickly gave way to energy for some reason (I had big bottle of coke with me). One other reason might have been the sweet roads I was on. So smooth I could barely feel my tires rolling. I think I had a 15.7 mph average speed which put me in Eads, Colorado, around midnight.

Leaving Tribune I saw an interesting sign displaying the area’s precipitation:


That says yearly rainfall of 4.61 inches!! Normal for this area is around 25 inches I think! I guess that’s per year though so there are some months left but 0.39 inches in July isn’t all that much…

One really bad thing about riding at night is that your calorie intake goes way down. RIding in the daytime, you get used to eating a huge dinner after you’re done. Yesterday, I had this on the road:


Crackers, peanutbutter and jam. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. And then a bag of chips, an almond bar and a peanut butter bar upon arrival. I have several packages of tuna with me at all times but I couldn’t face the thought of stuffing myself with peanut butter bars + tuna at 1 am.

Met a woman in the diner this morning (I’m not doing any morning riding today, too tired) while eating breakfast. When I told her I was biking she immediately invited me to her house to use internet and stuff because the public library is closed on saturdays. She gave me her business card and the back of it looks like this:


We’ll see if I go over there, I might not, right now I’ve set up office outside the library and the internet connection is fine here:


I’m literally just waiting out the last few minutes until the pool here opens at 1pm so I can jump in and feel jolly again. It’s so funny how this trip has turned into one big pool hopping session. I’m literally planning every day around which towns have pools. Ending up spending the day in a pool-less town is not an option. Pools + libraries + diners + city park picnic tables + endless roads = summer of 2012. I must give American city planners credit for the consistency of pools and nice city parks in towns here. Pretty much every town – however small – has those two amenities. Eads, where I’m at now, only has 600 people but a brilliant city park and hopefully a nice pool.

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