The best post in the world

Quickie before I start rolling towards wherever I’m going tonight:

A good example of where the money you guys donate to me (and ultimately, to Earthworks) is Stop The Frack Attack, a huge demonstration that’s happening tomorrow (the 28th) in Washington DC. It’s the first nationwide Anti-fracking demonstration in the country (maybe the world) with people traveling from all parts of America to take part. Earthworks are one of the major organizers of it, and thousands of people are expected. They are organizing lobbyist meetings with congress members as well as several different workshops to come up with strategies etc.

There is another group also cycling against fracking right now. Their goal is to be in DC by tomorrow to take part in the demonstration – and I think they’re making it. They picked a better name than I did – Tour de Frack! So brilliant.

Here they are.

Here is the website for Stop The Frack Attack. Anyone in DC should go check it out.

So, biking against fracking is a movement!! Cool! We need to make our part of it BIG. So please go donate. We’re up to $610 but a lot of that is due to one big donation. The rest of you need to come through too. If $10 is all you can give, then that’s brilliant. If you can part with more, even better! Make Kansas worth my while, people!!

Here is where to donate, in case you forgot!

Oh, and in case you think these fracking posts are not as fun as the other ones: get used to them, they’re not going to stop unless I get more donations.


1 thought on “The best post in the world

  1. Haha I read about Tour de Frack just the other day and I was like WHY THE FRACK didn’t we think of that name for our blogg?!?!?! Ah never mind I need to get some sleep now cause it’s laaate!!! xxx

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