The last few days summed up in 15 minutes

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a few days but 3G internet is apparently a commodity hard to come by here in Colorado, and I spent last night in a city park where Wifi was nowhere to be found. I’ve missed you guys a lot though!!

This post might be a bit of a mess but bear with me!

I decided to take a chill day on saturday. I’d rolled into Eads, CO, very late on friday night so morning riding on saturday was out of the question. I was there on a good day though, because saturday was the day of the Maine Street Bash in Eads – their yearly town festival with music, food, beer and other entertainment. My plan was to hang out there for a few hours, and then go ahead and pull a night ride further west.

You all know how that goes though. You don’t go to a festival in a small town without having at least one beer. And when you’ve had one beer the next beer starts sounding really good – and by the time you’ve had two beers riding 60 miles in hot weather doesn’t seem as fun anymore. Saturday thus ended up becoming a full day of “rest”.

This is the note that was on the door of the woman (Doris) with the funny pink business card I was telling you about (I ended up going there to say hello, she was one of the organizers of the festival).


And here she is in all her glory at the festival later that night:


Doris was a very cool woman who had taken in lots of bikers in the past. At the festival, she introduced me to a very special and very cool guy named Will. Will turned out to be from Oklahoma City and had been living in a town near Eads for the better part of the summer. The reason he was there was to sort out who owned the land and the mineral rights surrounding Eads – apparently oil companies have found lots of oil in the surrounding areas and need to know who owns what around there. Will and I immediately had a great connection and when he heard that I was planning on camping in the city park for the night he told me that I was welcome to stay in the extra king size bed that was free in the suite his company was paying for. AWESOME! I put my bike in Doris’ living room and the two of us rolled to the nearby town of Lamar where his hotel was.

It turned into a very long night with very few pictures taken – but all in all a great night.




To all my cousins and friends etc who may or may not be looking for a guy to marry: This dude is fantastic, and he knows how to play the guitar and sing!!! I will trade you his phone number for generous donations to my fundraiser!

After I left Will and Doris the next morning I got stuck in this at 1pm:



It’s a good thing I’m skinny because those telephone poles on the left were the only shade for about 54 miles… yeah I almost thought I was going to die there for a second – it was VERY freaking hot and there was really nowhere to go to get out of the sun.

I’m going to cut a long story short here by skipping a lot of shit that’s probably not interesting to you:

What was cool about the ride yesterday was that I knew that any second I’d start seeing the contours of the rocky mountains coming up on the horizon. I’d literally not seen ANY hills for a week, so it was very exciting. I kept thinking I saw them, but it always turned out to be clouds, until I finally saw them for sure (if you enlarge the picture you can see them faintly to the left of the road):


And they kept getting bigger (and this is just the front range, not the really crazy ones:Image

Oh and before that I saw some horses that looked like they were really in love (I might be projecting that on them), they were really cute though:


That was yesterday – and I didn’t quite make it to the town of Pueblo as I was hoping, but today I did! On the way in here this morning I saw a lama hanging out with some super small horses – looked like a pretty motley crew but they seemed to be enjoying themselves.


And finally just a few pictures of what Pueblo looks like:Image


So, what do I have left to do in the three weeks before I get to San Francisco you might ask. Well – first I’ll have to get through the Rocky Mountains which might take me like 4 or 5 days. Then I’ll have to get through Utah which judging by the map has some pretty crazy mountains too. Not as tall as the rockies but steep. After that is Nevada which is basically desert with very few places to stop for water and food and stuff. THEN I need to get my ass across the Sierra mountains before rolling into San Francisco!!! Wow I have some intense weeks ahead of me!!

I don’t know how much good internet I’m going to be coming across in the next weeks so the blogging might go a bit lacking at times. Don’t worry though, I’ll get you guys up to speed every time I find web access.

4 thoughts on “The last few days summed up in 15 minutes

  1. Dude! You made it to Pueblo in less time than I thought. Way To Go!!!
    Keep spinning those flat miles. The mountains will be awesome.

  2. Thank you for the kind words Stephan. I was so stoked about our meeting and your story that I probably called ten people on Sunday to tell them about it. You are one hell of a human being and I look forward to seeing you again. Sweden is definitely on my mind.

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