And now sleeping under one

Palisade (kind of), CO. 2:50am

A bridge that is. We’re sleeping underneath I-70, one of the country’s major east-west highways. We busted out another huge night session this evening, fueled by those ridiculous 5 hour energy booster things you see in gas stations everywhere. They work. We had amazing energy the last hour which was spent riding on the shoulder of the interstate. And yes, that’s legal here.

Earlier tonight I spotted some weird lights out in a field. Looked like a natural gas well to me. Went to have a closer look – crossed some rail road tracks, a fence and a field – and there was equipment there that said Halliburton on it. It probably wasn’t a smooth moce rocking in there with a reflective jacket and a headlamp at 1am but I did – which means there will be pictures for you tomorrow. We saw a bunch of other suspicious looking sites out in fields too, so there seems to be something fishy going on in western Colorado.

Now sleep to the sounds of semi-trucks rolling 20 feet above our heads… 🙂

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