4 thoughts on “Breakfast:

  1. Enjoying your writings; and have been following you since the beginning. I have just discovered that I can communicate with you through these replies, I missed it earlier.

    I enjoyed your early start as you were on a road I was very familiar with and going through towns and eating at restaurants that I have also eaten at.

    I sympathized with your Kansas experience as it takes forever to get through Kansas, even in a car. On all of my cross-country drives, Kansas is the one state I dread the most. Even Oklahoma seems better for some reason. It is nice to see you are finally in the rockies, and I agree with your friends advice regarding a quicker route; I would trust him on this due to the terrain.

    As I said before, the great thing about a cross country trip is the westward migration. You are connected with the country’s history when you make that trip. The scenery gets better, the skies get bigger and the traffic and congestion decrease, and then boom, you are at the Pacific ocean. It is wonderful feeling heading west in the U.S.

    It is also nice that you are experiencing the great hospitality of the U.S. as well as the darker sides of things.

    I would offer one piece of advice, avoid eating SPAM at all costs. 🙂

    Thanks for the entertainment, I enjoy reading your adventures.


  2. Looks like a healthy breakfast but don’t hink we could get it for $1 here in Kansas. Thanks for the effort, I have been writing for several months protesting fracking. Horrible thing to do to our environment. Have very little but am sending a small gift to support your effort. Keep up the good work. I apologize for those of us who has let or country and worlkd get in such bad shape. Blessings on the trip, be safe and thanks again. Joan M.

    • Thank you! I very much appreciate it – and good on you for working against fracking. The breakfast was instant oatmeal – 12 packets for $1.78, one peach – $0.50, some raspberries and a banana. Comes out to about a buck. Bet you could do that in Kansas too!

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