Last night, as we were biking along, I saw these lights out in the fields we were passing. They didn’t look like lights by people’s houses – they were way too bright. Finally, I stopped in the road and told Daniel that I had to go check one of these sites out. This particular one had several lights and looked like a construction site or something. It was way out in a field across some railroad tracks. This is what it looked like:




I didn’t have the balls to get as close as I needed to see what it actually was. I was wearing a reflective jacket and a headlamp – not the right attire to take covert photos of one of the world’s biggest corporation’s sites. There were tons of these sites though. And you know what else? There were absolutely NO vehicles on this road we were on – except for one type. Tanker trucks. Not many, but maybe we were passed 10 times in two hours by tanker trucks. Were they filled with water perhaps?!

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