Aspen, Colorado

I have a few old pictures I’d like to put up, and I’m going to do it in chronological order from where I left off: Aspen.

We didn’t stay there for very long – only an hour or two, so I don’t have much to say – except WOW. What a place… You could feel the money, power and control ooze out of every corner of that place. It really feels like a hideaway for the super, super rich. Someone in a diner a few days later noted that ”the billionaires are driving the millionaires out of Aspen”. Nothing reflected that better than the damn Aspen airport.

First of all – the fact that Aspen even has a real airport is incredible. The town has like 5000 people living there. No other town of that size I’ve been to – ski resort or not – has had an airport. And what an airport it was!  We just cycled by it, but I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the rows and rows and rows of JET airplanes just sitting there waiting for their owners to show up wanting to take off for some other exotic place. We are talking about between 60-100 airplanes here, and outside the airport there were, of course, rows of black SUVs –waiting. Just during the short  time that we were riding out of Aspen, 5 planes either landed or took off. That’s in about 1 hour! It was totally insane.

The airport pictures are really shitty but you get some sense of what I’m talking about.

You know you’re in a well off place when someone feels comfortable putting their for sale $5500 mountain bike out in the street with a sign on it.

One for the mountain bike geeks: Yeti (from Colorado) 575 in original team colors.

1 thought on “Aspen, Colorado

  1. Aspen has the most expensive real estate in the us. The shoppingthere is incredible, not the best ski mountain but has everything you need. Washington post did an awesome wrote up on aspens about a year ago and I decided I should move there and sell real estate. You and Julia should get in on this plan! Xo

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