Fundraiser status

Price, Utah. 5:47am.

YES!! Congratulations to you all for being awesome! We just reached the $1000 mark in our fundraiser, which means that we’ve already reached my $2000 goal thanks to our generous matchers, as long as I keep pedaling my bike and reach SF in time.

To be completely honest though, the goal in my mind has always been $4000 – and I think we can get there. However, $1000 also marks the end of where the current matchers will go, which means that any donations right now won’t be doubled. If you or anyone you know would like to match donations worth a set amount of $ from here on out, please e-mail me at

Big big thank you to all who have donated so far, and to all those who haven’t yet: get your act together and do it! In order to e honest with myself, I’m going to go ahead and change the goal on the crowdrise page to $4000 – an amount I know we can reach. Earthworks will be doing great things with this money, so spread the damn word to all co-workers, friends, girlfriends, boyfirends, family members, your hairdresser, church pals or whoever else you talk to troughout your day!!

Cool, time for breakfast. Thanks again, keep rocking!

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