Price, Utah. 6:13pm.

One very essential part of Daniel’s grand route to San Francisco is that every part of it has to work out. He is very eager to point out – as we roll through each section of road – how many other alternative routes there are (he’s taken most of them before), and how much tougher they are than the one we’re on.

That’s all great – until Daniel’s hand picked route is shut down. That happened today.

We started the day by getting up at 5am – four hours after having gone to bed. We prepped an amazin breakfast consisting of oatmeal with fresh peaches and a banana on top, boiled eggs, home fries, bacon and sausage links. At about 7am we hit the road, ready to push through Daniel’s top secret canyon route to Provo and beyond.

About six miles out of town Daniel pulled up beside me and nervously pointed to his surroundings saying he didn’t recognize any of it. We turned around and backtracked the six miles into town. At a hotel we asked the receptionist how to find Daniel’s canyon – she said that would have been the best route by far but heavy forest fires and then rains have washed out the roads leaving that route closed for the coming weeks.

She instead pointed us south west, to Huntington (pin on map). Apparently we could go around that way and up to Provo. A little less than two hours later we roll into Huntington- having just put behind us 20 miles of solid hills. As we make the turn to get on the road up north west to Provo, there is a sign: “Road closed due to mud slides”.

FUCK. And that was literally the only god damn way out of Huntington. No other choice but to go back to Price and find another way arouns the mess. So here we are. 6:30 and 50 hilly miles later – still in Provo. This was bound to happen sometime so I guess it’s better sooner rather than later. We’re still laughing and having a good time so it’s not bothering us too much. We just went to Wal Mart and bought – among other treats – The COLOSSAL 100 Powerbar meal substitute. 410 calories and 32 grams of proteins in one of those badboys. Can’t wait to bite into that sucker one of these days.

The Colossal 100 wasn’t the only piece of colossal stature in Wal Mart today. If 42% of people in this country are obese then an overwhelmig majority of them hang out at Walmart in Price. I think I could see the knee caps of no more than 30% of the people in there.

Now sleep for a few hours and then we’re busting out a back way to Provo at night. Should be exciting!

By the way: HUGE props for all the donations today. It’s been a biiig day and those $4000 don’t seem unattainable. OK I’m going to shut up now. Bye.


1 thought on “Backtrackalacking

  1. Shouldn’t it be backFRACKalacking? šŸ˜‰ glad you are still managing to have a smile on your face.

    the 30% of kneecaps in walmart comment had me busting out laughing. well said.

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