Super stealth camping

West Wendover, Nevada. 1:27am.

Just laid my tired head down inside my tent. So, so tired. Don’t know where Daniel is. He decided to hitch hike the last 40 miles into town and now his phone is off.

I came in late, didn’t know where to put up my tent. Found a private campground with no night watch. Thought I’d put my tent up and pay in the morning. Right after putting the tent up and getting settled in, I realized they have a system for paying even when no one is here – and it costs fucking $44.95 plus tax for a tent!! God damn robbery, so I’m going to have to pull a quick one on them and get out of jere before they get here. They deserve it with prices like that.

Since West Wendover is in nevada, there are massive casinos here- wendover, which is in Utah right across the state line, has none. There are ten thousand car maniacs in town this week because this is the week everyone is trying to break the world speed record for cars and motorcycles in the bonneville salt flats.

Ok i gotta sleep now if i’m going to have the energy to be a sly enough bastard to cheat these people out of their money tomorrow. Good night!

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