Wendover/West Wendover

Haha!! There was no need at all to be stealthy at that campsite. There was no way I was getting up at 5:20 like my alarm wanted me to – so I slept in ’til about 8 or so, got up, took a shower, packed all my stuff and took off. No one noticed anything. 

One thing that has me a bit worried is that I still haven’t seen or heard anything from Daniel. His phone is turned off. Yesterday he threw up a couple of times, but kept riding. After a few hours we figured out that he had stored some rice with chicken in a water bottle without washing it thoroughly afterwards. Therefore, he was being food poisoned every time he drank water out of that bottle. When I left him by the side of the road yesterday, he was feeling a bit sick and didn’t want to ride more. It was getting dark and his plan was to put his thumb out and catch a ride. I don’t know what happened after that.

A few pics from the last few days:


A luxury pavilion we spent the night in a few days ago.


A common sight at construction sites here: One person working and ten watching.



Going through all our food before heading out on a very long no-service stretch. Mostly power bars, oatmeal and beef jerky, as it turned out.


This picture pretty much sums up the last two days of riding. This is from yesterday, before Daniel and I split up. After that, it got dark and I put some music on and just pumped out the last 40 miles in the dark. Towards the end, it was getting really boring – but all the lights I could see in the distance kept me going. As I got closer, I saw that the lights belonged to casinos. It hadn’t struck me before that we were heading towards Nevada, and that there’d be casinos there. Literally as soon as I crossed the state line, the casinos started. 



In the bottom left you see where the state line is.

I didn’t spend much time checking out the scene last night – I just wanted to sleep. And that I did. This morning I headed up to one of the casinos for some breakfast. I ended up the Red Garter (or the Red Gutter as I later found out locals call it). Holy shit what a piece of trash it was. I asked a lady standing outside if they served breakfast and whether it was good, to which she replied “oh yes, it’s really wonderful”. OK, it can’t be that bad, I thought.

This is what it looked like inside (Pictures weren’t allowed to be taken, hence the stealthiness):Image



This bottom one is my favorite – they had put old pieces of lettuce in front of the buffet as decoration!!!

I don’t want to sound stuck up here, but man – that place was filled with what some might call white trash! There were two groups of people there:

1. Very fat older people who kept going to the buffet for more.

2. Younger people who were often skinny and looked like they had just gotten out of an all night meth-binge mixed with alcohol and blackjack-playing.

It felt like someone had built a casino around a Golden Corral restaurant basically. Taking pictures out in the casino was a big no no but I still got some really shitty ones just go give you a feel:




Oh and did I mention the food was horrible?

It must sound like I’m having a horrible time or something, but I’m not! I actually really enjoy this kind of stuff. It’s just so ridiculous that I can’t help but make fun of it. Please don’t take any offense if you’re into Golden Corrals and shitty casinos – we can still be friends.

This is what the NICER casinos look like in daylight:


Standing in the exact same spot, but aiming my camera to the left, this is what it looks like:



HAHA!! It’s literally one damn strip of bullshit (casinos, strip clubs, truck stops, mcdonalds, burger kings) and then the desert!! I feel right at home here.

I don’t know if I can handle going out to the salt flats to look at the speed racing – it may just be culture clash overload somehow. We’ll see.

Enjoy your weekend people!


4 thoughts on “Wendover/West Wendover

  1. If you need a better place to stay when you hit Tahoe, we have a home at NorthStar and you are welcome to camp there. My husband and I are really good friends with Chris and Lucia Kline and have met your parents a time or two. -kirstin cravens ________________________________

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