The Daniel Wilson story continued

Battle Mountain, NV. 4:26pm

Ok here we go again. I was going to do this post last night but my phone ran out of bats and there was no electricity to be found where we spent the night. The story of what happened to Daniel:

He started throwing up and feeling sick about 40 miles east of that town wendover with all the crazy casinos you know? Told me to keep going but that he’d have to hitch hike into town.

I kept rocking on and rolled into town at about midnight – he stood by the road for a half hour or so and was sick, got on his bike and struggled into town only about an hour after me. On the way he even spared the energy to fix the brake calipers of a guy’s car (he asked me for help too).

Apparently, Daniel had told me a few days earlier that he usually camps by a green house on top of the mountain just past wendover. I had long forgotten this, but that’s where daniel went – hoping i’d already be there. His phone was out of charge and he was almost out of water, but he was so sick that he just had to lay his head down. I wasn’t there, I was at the campsite where I stayed illegally for free.

He laid there, in a tent with no tent poles, until the next day 3:30pm. He was throwing up and had been out of water since the early morning. In an attempt to get water, he held his water bottle out of his tent when cars passed by – but none stopped at his signal.

So at 3:30, he thought all hope was gone and that i had somehow left town without seeing his tent (the tent was right by the side of our route going out of wendover) so he rolled down the hill to town to get some food. At this exact time i was standing at a gas station about a quarter of a mile away explaining to the sherriff what Daniel looks like.

Daniel quickly ate the food he got, drank a gallon of water and tried to call me but couldn’t get through (we still don’t know why). He got on his bike and started pedaling after me (he thought). The same thoughts were spinning in his head as were in mine “maybe he didn’t want to ride with me”. That evening/night, he did 110 miles to elko and got stopped by the police six times. The officers did not ask him how he was feeling or what was going on – they started accusing him of drug use. “So, you got lost out in the desert on some smack? Where are the drugs? Did you lose your buddy because you were high?” were some of the things they said. They just wanted to bust someone and heavy drug use is so unbelievably common in nevada that that’s all they care about.

One of the officers finally told Daniel that i was in fact behind him by about three hours. For some reason he didn’t feel like camping in the middle of no where (we always do anyway) so he started leaving signs for me. He left the empty cans of chicken, tuna and colossal 100 bars in the road so i would know he was ahead of me.He even wrote STEPHAN in the shoulder with some construction worker’s paint he found. When i got to this spot it was the middle of the night so I didn’t see any of it…

Finally, when he reached elko the next morning he got through to me on the phone. I’d stopped to spend the night about 40 miles shy of elko so i biked in to town and we met up (after about six hours of MORE confusion since cell phone service is bad here and neither of us ever has battery).

That pretty much sums it up. Bad communication here in nevada, forgetfulness and eager to get somewhere all added up to this mega confusion.
Over n out.

2 thoughts on “The Daniel Wilson story continued

  1. Well, I’m starting to feel like a stalker, as I have sent 2 messages already, but not knowing if you are receiving or ignoring I will offer one more time. I have a home in Tahoe (NorthStar) and you and Daniel are welcome to camp here and enjoy some showers. -Kirstin (friend of Chris Kline from Frederick) ________________________________

    • Hi Kristin! No worries, I just don’t have time to respond to all comments straight away. Usually do it every three days or so. Your offer is amazing and generous but unfortunately we won’t be passing through Tahoe. We’ll be south of south tahoe and anything even a few miles off route is too far as I really have to get to SF. Thanks a lot for the offer though, I really appreciate it! 🙂

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