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All right, before we get out of Lovelock (motto: “where your love remains locked” cheeeeesy), I thought I’d share with you a little bit about our experience in Nevada so far.

I’m not sure exactly how to put it. Shit, hell on earth and awful all come to mind.

Really, all we’ve wanted to do since we first got into Nevada has been to get the hell out of here as quickly as possible. 

“You know why the trees in California lean to the east?”


“Because Nevada sucks”

This is apparently a common joke. Not that funny, but it does hit the spot.

Nevada is probably perfect if you’re in a car. You can get from Utah to California in a day and stay cool doing it. We’ve seen too much of it by now. And there isn’t that much to see really.

You leave one town that has two casinos, a few burger joints a strip club and maybe if you’re unlucky even a brothel. You ride 70 miles through hot-ass desert (albeit, beautiful desert with awesome red mountains) and you end up in a town with exactly the same shit in it. No cute little university towns, no recycling bins, not much green nice grass to lay on. Just huge Ford F-350’s towing HUGE campers. I’m serious. The amount of RV’s and campers in this country is astonishing. The last few days have been a bit frustrating because I’ve run around every freaking town we’ve been in looking for propane/butane gas for my stove. NO store has had gas for camping stoves. I understand why now. When people go camping around here, they ain’t bringing no small ass camping stove if you know what I mean. They whip out the heavy duty artillery. They’ve probably got a bigger kitchen in there than most mid-sized swedish restaurants do.

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re on Interstate 80. That road was not meant for bikes – of that I am certain. Yesterday Daniel had a really funny fit. He got sick of the plague that is rumble strips running across the shoulder. He saw a frontage road running alongside the interstate, so he picked his bike up clear off the ground and chucked it in frustration across the fence separating the two roads. His rear rack broke upon landing, and as soon as he got on his bike, he saw that the frontage road dead ended a hundred feet ahead. 

I’ve had similar meltdowns, just not as dramatic. It just feels like we’re not getting anywhere. But we are. We’re almost in California now. That’s going to be awesome. And I am really glad to be seeing this part of america. It’s so different from anything I’ve seen before – hopping between the oasis’ (for me) of the bigger american coastal cities.

Over and out.

I’m sorry if my review of Nevada is overly positive – many have said that things are worse down south on route 50.

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