Have a few pictures, why don’t you.

You guys have gone without pictures for a while. You deserve better than that, so here are some pics.


Daniel smoking one of many cigarettes.


A tour de france rider smoking. I found this photo in a bike shop in Utah,  is it just me or do they actually look very similar?


If this sign we found had said west instead of east we probably would have used it during one of our weaker moments this trip..

Remember that day back in the very beginning of Utah when we ran out of water on the road? Here’s a series of pictures from that day.


It really hurt my mountain biking-soul to pass a sign that said Moab on it. Moab is, for those who aren’t mountain bike nerds, an absolute mecca for people who like to ride bikes over rocks. It’s famous for its riding across red beautiful slick rock.


One of many storm drains we’ve spent our afternoons in.


One of a few highway medians we’ve spent nights in. It really ain’t that bad – you’re very close to your route in the morning.

The casinos of West Weondover from above. You can see the Utah Salt Flats in the back. Exactly where this picture was taken is where Daniel had set up camp that night when we lost each other. This picture was taken probably an hour and a half after he took off!


Pilot Peak outside of West Wendover. Not the biggest, but definitely one of the most beautifully shaped mountains I’ve seen this trip!

More to come. Maybe today, maybe some other day!

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