The wind

10 miles west of Lovelock, NV. 8:21pm

I remember vividly how Daniel and I were sitting under a bridge this one time in Colorado. This was probably ten days ago. We were looking at a map of Utah and Nevada and trying to figure out how many miles a day we’d have to do to get me to San Francisco in time for my flight.

I excitedly looked at the numbers and the days and said that everything was cool – we could probably take it pretty easy in Colorado because we’d make great time in the desert.

Daniel turned to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said:
“Dawg, don’t say that until you get there. The wind in Nevada blows so hard it’ll blow your motherfucking beard right up behind your ears.”

Here we are – ten miles west of Lovelock and about two hours into our evening ride. The wind is blowing so hard that we can barely even walk into it. I realized it’s been like this – not this bad though – since Utah. Headwinds, all the time. Maybe that’s why I don’t like Nevada too much. It’s all been a mistake. I believe they call that misattribution.

I think I just felt a tickle behind my ears.

2 thoughts on “The wind

  1. I just read this blog while watching, with one eye, ‘The Wind’ with Lilian Gish. A silent film from 1928. You must watch this sometime.

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