Jackson, ca. 10:35am.

Inching our way closer and closer… We’re both pretty beat today after all the climbing we did yesterday – but we have no mountains left to conquer really. Just small little hills. I think. Unless there’s some big ass mountain range right east of san francisco that no one has mentioned to me yet.

Donation wise, we’re still a little over a thousand dollars away from our $4000 goal (counting matched donations which come in at the end). If you’ve been enjoying this blog, if you like cycling, if you care about keeping our planet in shape – please make a donation. It’ll take you literally 4 minutes (less if you have an amazon account already) and all you need to give is $10 (that is the minimum). This message is going out to ALL readers – not just the american ones. Friends, colleagues, biking buddies and all my classmates. – get in there and make a donation!! The Link is on the right side of the page, as I’m sure you know by now.

Right now, all donations are being matched too! So a $10 donation as actually a $20 donation. Get on the job people!


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  1. WOW, you are almost there, I am so totally amazed at your motivation and determination and I am glad that you found your friend. I like the idea of you all traveling together,. What a beautiful rich story that you have written. Following your blog with you makes me feel like i was on the trip along with you myself. thank you so much for the post card from Utah, what a nice thought. I wanted to give you some money but I couldn’t figure out how.
    Cruise in with a smile on your face, what an endeavor and something to keep with you for the rest of your life.

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