So close I can smell it

Fairfield, CA. 9:07am.

I woke up in Fairfield this morning. In a hotel for the first time in three weeks. Actually, this is the first time I’ve paid for a place to sleep since I met Daniel. It pretty much had to be done though. He’d ended up some miles ahead of me, and when I finally had ridden through the Delta of the bay area and arrived in Fairfield – his phone was off. He’d fallen asleep under a bridge.

I tried going to the city park to sleep there but it really didn’t feel safe. In the pavillion where i wanted to sleep there were two people sitting – a man and a woman. As soon as I biked by they got up and ran in different directions. Don’t know what that was about. It was cold last night, too! Really cold. The last few miles of my 82 mile ride yesterday I was freezing. That’s the bay area I guess. Cold air from the pacific blowing in.

God that’s weird. I’m at the fucking pacific ocean. I’m done. All I have to do now is roll the 20 miles down to Vallejo (where the pin is dropped) and take a ferry across the bay. If I really wanted to I could ride the looong way around and come in on the Golden Gate bridge – but at this point I’m choosing practicality over symbolism. Even the Adventure Cycling maps say to take the ferry so I guess it’s not cheating.

20 miles left. I still can’t fathom that at all. I’ll get back to you once I set foot in San Francisco.


3 thoughts on “So close I can smell it

  1. Did you fly thru Sacramento? Or did you miss blogging one day? Whatever. You MADE IT !!!!! Congrats from the Boss. Have a great time in SF and a smooth flight back home on Thursday.

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