It certainly has been a while…

since I last posted here. I promised it wouldn’t be my last post and I’ll stick to that. I now feel like leaving my last post until two months after coming home probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Getting back into the mindset of what this past summer was all about now feels eerily distant. Yet only two months ago it was my life. Completely. I ate powerbars I’d found on the ground, didn’t shower for days and my spirit lifted every time I saw a gas station. The greatest thing I’ll take from this summer is that one really does adapt to any situation. Just give it enough time and it happens. Before I started riding the actual journey itself seemed like a crazy thing to do for two months. Upon reaching San Francisco the prospect of NOT riding a bike for 8 hours every day seemed strange. And now, two months later, I can’t even really visualise the emotions I went through a few months ago.

I’d really like to extend a thank you to those who donated money to Earthworks this summer. Together, we raised $3115 in about one month. I couldn’t be happier with that outcome! Earthworks too have expressed gratitude at our efforts this summer. So THANK YOU!! ❤ 🙂

On top of that, I want to thank YOU – all the people who supported me this summer. I still remember that tingling feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere, struggling like hell, and not really knowing exactly why, but still feeling massively supported. I knew people were rooting for me and that always gave me an extra kick in the butt. All the e-mails, messages, texts and phone calls really meant the world to me!

I feel a little bit bad that this last post is not one of those “for future transamers”-posts with list of what you should bring (google it) , what not to do (stress), what to do (be prepared for Nevada), where to go (The Rockies!!!), who to see (any homeless people you find on the way), what to watch out for (robbers), how to sit on your bike (on top), which power bars to eat (those you find on the ground), which kind of handlebars you should have (drops), which direction you should go (west). But this was never one of those blogs so I’ll keep it that way.

If you’re thinking about doing a similar trip: Just fucking do it! You’ll love yourself AFTERWARDS for making the decision to do it. While doing it you may not always love it. Or rather, you definitely won’t.

Enjoy the video and see you next time!

Lots of love to you all! 🙂


5 thoughts on “It certainly has been a while…

    • I followed your entire ride. It was always a joy to have a new post. Exploring, through you, the people, places and weather you came across was a real highlight of the day.
      Nice to see some of the folks, especially the wee ones, you met made it to the video. I’m sure they will remember this FOREVER.
      Lots of love and good cycling.

  1. Stephan, I’m so proud of you for what you did and for the way you invited us to be there with you. Now actually I get tears in my eyes and think: this ought to become a book. You are a really gifted writer.

  2. Stephan, I had withdrawal symptoms from the lack of your blog. I kept going back to see if anything more was posted. Thanks again for allowing us to ride along. I have an article I want to send to you, having to do with fracking. Tommy

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